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Attention to detail

Does your home's exterior need a facelift and protection from the elements? We offer vinyl and aluminum siding in a large variety of colors and styles. We can find just the right siding system for your taste and budget.

High-quality work is a top priority for Henkel Roofing Company. We understand the value of attention to detail, and want to give you great results that will last for years to come.

Our siding services

- Vinyl

- Aluminum

- Large variety of siding systems

- Many colors and styles


- Residential, commercial, and industrial

- Free estimates


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to find out what we can do for you.

Beautiful and functional

Our installation experts have both the technical skills and the eye for design necessary to create a great looking and functional product. Quality siding is aesthetically pleasing and will actually improve the energy efficiency of your building.


The highly trained team at Henkel Roofing Company can help you find the right

siding system for your needs.

We'll install siding that protects your building from the elements, improves its energy efficiency, and looks great, too.

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